Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Written Word

I love the written word and especially The Word. As I start writing this blog my fingers flounce around the keyboard like a spider with snagged flies in her web quickly darting to retrieve one then another before they fly off again as if they could. What do I want to say, uh, write? Sometimes I feel like that spider and I hate spiders. Why would my unveiling blog mention something I hate to even think about? Maybe it’s because that spider knows her days are short and she must hurry. I know her urgency.

With so many goals, so many ideas for novels, so much to say and such little time, I’m quickly scurrying this way and that because I want to write it all! Yet here I am typing my thoughts onto paper that will never be read by many or be part of a novel I will one day write. Still, I do not think I’m wasting my time. In all the writing conferences I’ve attended, the one point these wonderful ‘author helpers’ emphasize is to write and write every day. It doesn’t matter what you’re writing. Just write! Make it a habit, a must do. Get in the motion of writing and something will click!
Oops, am I teaching? My goal is not to teach here. I’ve been a trainer for a Federal agency and I’ve taught Sunday school, public school as a support teacher and I teach piano. As a mother of a handsome thirty-something male and the ‘Nana’ of a one-something male, you mothers and grands know, we’re always teaching if only by setting an example and doing what’s right. I have been known to climb high on a soapbox and express my opinionated views when something is not done right. Oops, am I preaching? Teachers teach, preachers preach and writers write. Back to writing.
I admire writers. These talented people take the twenty-six letters of the alphabet and scramble them into words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs—books. Books become an escape for the day, how-to-directions to make, build or do anything even find our way in life. Writers create laughter, joy, a horrifying moment, a tear and help us be a better neighbor, friend or spouse. Writers show us a new way of accepting others or maybe just force us into thinking on a higher plane. Writers give us the written word. Without it, where would we be?
I’m ready to write now!


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  1. Sounds like you started with an empty page like I did and turned it into something worthwhile to read.

    I really enjoyed the conversational style of this blog post. It felt as though we were in the same room and I was listening to you talk aloud. :)

    True enough - a lot can be said using 26 letters...